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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Stesen KTM Pasar Seni

At the sight of it, it got me thinking,
"Can't we be like that anymore?"
It gives me the goosebumps, yet it brings back the nostalgia.
Yeah, those good ol' days.

Days when I wore dresses with puffs on the shoulder,
If wearing pants then its a must to tuck in the shirt,
Brylcreem applied to hair, slick combed to the back.

Proud holding those two hands,
Like a statement saying,
"Hey I got them, aren't they cool?".

Dataran Merdeka was like a playground,
W123 was like a pony-ride,
Nightly strolls were like chorus.

Adventures after adventures,
Place after place,
I cried falling into thorns,only to stop when the cuts all covered with saliva.

Till I hit '99 that was like a reminder,
"Yo kid, this life ain't sweet like forever,
Sooner or later I can't even call you kid anymore.
Don't kid around so much or people are stuck calling you a kid".

Hey. I'm the youngest, remember?

This picture was taken by Abang if I'm not mistaken :)

Keep on smiling,
What we go through
One stop to the rhythm that divides you
The sky it was gold, it was rose
I was taking sips of it to my nose
And I wish I could get there someplace, back there
In the place we use to start our lives

Can't we be like that anymore?
Just like when this station was in the middle of everything, every occasion?
(hands up) I know, I know, I just saying...


Anonymous said...

I love this entry. :D +99999

Mizah Adam said...

thanks alia :)

Anonymous said...

like this entry but dislike entry sebelum ni^^

Mizah Adam said...

thanks. but well, its not my fault isn't it?

Anonymous said...

haha..xde sape salah n xde sape yg betul,ok?