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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Another time

There will be, another time
My friend.
Oh how I wish we could spend time together more than this.

Keep in mind though,
Whenever, wherever, whatever,
I'll pray for the best to be with you always.

This parted way that we take; somehow
I think will bring us closer.

And that other time...
Well, only He knows when.

:) Smiles always.

 In pic: lines from Jason Mraz's  You & I both.

Pic credit to Me!! I did that! :]

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


i am going to stay true, going to stay loyal. creative means creative, fossil means fossil. geddit? no samsung, no swatch. and the list goes on with everything.
-Mizah Adam said on Facebook.

Assalamualaikum & Salam Satu Malaysia.

Yep, as I said so up there, I decided to be a loyal person to these kind of things. Why? Because it made my life easier. Haha. I've been thinking of gettting my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but not really sure how to get there, and then I wandered to Creative.com to see IF they also make a tablet. And, they did! A splendid one  too! So then, I decided to stick to Creative products. Do I have a Creative before? Well, I do! And it's a Zen.

There it is! But that's not my hand, tho..

Yes I received it in a box like this one. But mine is 2GB.

Yep. It's just a nice-gripping MP4. And I love it!!

I have been in a relationship with this Zen for about 2 years now. And I swore to myself that I will never replace it with anything else, until it is COMPLETELY broken. I think this dead thing already knew me inside out, and eventhough it doesn't have the SensMe app like most Sony MP4 does, but this Zen already understood me and is always playing me the song that I really want to hear. Yeah, I think we have Physics between us. hehe.

Next up, my fossil. Yes, I have one, too. This Fossil have been with me for the 5 years now, and the other way round. It is a BIG TIC, and I'm proud of it, because as far as I am concern, Fossil does not produce any BIG TIC nowadays. So, yeah, I am one proud owner! Mine is the model JR-8091. BIG TICs are the model where the second counts are displayed as the background of the face. Yes people, displayed. For this model, there are 7 fashion of display, so I could really change one fashion per day. Yeah.

Here it is! The beauty!

My box is not that one, but I have a more awesome looking box! Theme of a country gig. Yeahh.

Do you guys see the label FOSSIL on its face? Well, on my watch, you can only see 'OSSIL. Haha. Yup, The F fade away. How? well the story goes back in 2007, when I was in Form 5.

In form 5, I went to a boarding school, and like most like school, the students stayed in dorms. Dorms with double-decker bed. And my bed was the one on top. One day, I carelessly put my watch on the bed while getting ready for prep. And so it happened that when I grabbed one of the clothes on my bed, the watch fell with it. Yeah you can imagine the little sound of glass breaking. Yep, the glass of the watch's face broke. OMD! I nearly cried ( i did, but for about only 3 tears?). So the broken glass cost me RM100 just to have another new one installed. Oh, and not to mention the 6 months I have to be  apart from it. Argh, I went through SPM without it, tense2. Haha. Well now, I still have it with me, and as usual, as any other 'old' watch, you can see a lil bit scracth here and there, but hey, I am really taking care of it, okay? I did some maintainance once in a while. Clean it, scrap the 'things' in between the metal strap, and of course, change the battery when its dead!

These two meaningful and useful assets to me are both given by my sister. Two of which I really want to own in my lifetime, and I got it, all thanks to her. 

Well now, seems like I can't be forever hanging around people's pocket, right? So I have made up a resolution, to charge! and buy things on my own account. So far, I have bought myself a laptop. This Lenovo Z460. Owh, and a black accoustic guitar. 

And with this, also, I have beginning to think. What other asset should I own? As for 'future investment'? Like my friend said on her FB status, "mase untuk berpoya2 dalam hubungan dah tamat. umur dah 21. fokus :) ♥".

She may be referring to life relationship, but hey, that girl have a point there. And the point is: I am becoming 21. As in, that's old enough to start thinking seriously about the future. Right? So let start off with ways to have a secure finance. Heheh.

Peace, love y'all!

All pix credit to Google.

p/s: ceria sikit kan blog ni bila dah tukar backgroud?? sebelum ni gloomy jer... ^^,

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Perfect Situation

What's the deal
With my brain
Why am I so obviously insane?
In a perfect situation
I let love down the drain.


Gambar: ihsan penulis2 di Tumblr.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Penyesalan MEI

Assalamualaikum semua. Selamat sejahtera dan Salam Satu Malaysia.

Kalau dulu aku buat post pasal Weekends aku yg sangat2 terisi, kali ni aku nak buat pasal bulan Mei aku yang terisi. =)

So this is my MAY (with some June to it) :

Kenapa warna rumah lain2? Saje, kasi colourful.. Hehe

Aku suka bulan Mei aku kali ni sbb seminggu pergi tempat lain, seminggu pergi tempat lain pulak. Yeayy. Jaaaalan je kerja kau yer Mizah. 

Dalam KAKS tu, aku dapat ramai kawan baharu, atau dalam erti kata keusahawanannya, byk network. Hehe. Aku kan suka kumpul kawan. Lepas dah habis kursus tu memasing tak buat hal sendiri, still keep in touch lagi, hee suka. 

Balik KLuang, jumpa Maktok n Tok Daim, yeay. Macam2 gelagat diorang aku boleh discover. And also I get to see life through the eyes of a hopeful grandma and an ambitious grandpa.

As for Leaders.. Haa. Ini memang surprising. I surprised myself sbb at last give in jugak nak join Kem ni. Haha. When sympathy turned ego down, this is what happens la. True, aku tak nafikan yang niat aku join kem ni sbb nak tolong 'meriahkan majlis' je. Padahal aku dari awal lagi cakap TAKKAN join kem ni. Kenapa? Ada la, yang duduk kolej 12 mungkin tahu. Hee. Whatever it is, mmg BEST kem nih! Walaupun ada cacat dari segi fizikalnya, tapi KITA semua dapat input yang sangat bernilai kan? =)

Dan, bila dah balik dari semua event yang seminggu seminggu nih, aku rasa puas hati sbb banyak yang aku dapat. Dapat kawan, dapat observe the human behaviour, dapat KAWAN, dapat KELUARGA, dapat macam2lah! Dan bila ditenung balik, aku rasa; penyesalan aku yang never-ending. Aku tak tahulah kawan-kawan aku yang lain tu nak rasa apa lepas apa yang kami semua dah lalui. Tapi, aku tahu dalam kelompok kami tu, ada 2-3 orang yang penyesalannya never ending. Tak paham? Takpe, itu maksudnya korang kena buka mata lagi tengok behaviour orang lain dengan lebih banyak dan lebih mendalam lagi. Hee. 

Tu je aku nk tulis. Aku rasa, aku, penyesalan aku yang never ending.
Macam yang aku tulis kat status FB aku,

“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.” , but
“There are times when silence has the loudest voice” , and also
“Do not speak unless you can improve the silence” . so i guess
“Silence is the most powerful scream.”

Still, you can't hear things in silence. So its up to you really, to see with your eyes or with your head or your brain or your heart.

Sekian, Wasalam~

 :) Yep, aku mmg SUKA MAIN LUMPUR!!