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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Assalamualaikum. Salam Satu Malaysia.

Currently it's a trend now on Facebook where they post all these quotes and great pictures or videos that can make you sentap/sayu/happy/beaming/rasa-nak-panampor-sape-yang-buat-nih/indifferent feeling. From themes like spiritual to comical, or about the heart thingies to sarcasm.

From what I am going through these few weeks back, yeah I took time to read them, laugh at them, or even sumpahseranah in front of the screen. Haha. What, with tests going around and your usual friend-conflict, yeah you can see we are all going nuts. NUTS! Tengok Ning Baizura pun boleh ter-over excited. Huh? Okay, feveret korang kot. :D

So I wont be sharing pics we took during PESKO, instead these few quotes I found hey! It might just help. Help with what? Entah, realization maybe?? Peace u ollls~

 for me

for you

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bag_2 said...

er, yg for you tu,
haha :)