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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Another time

There will be, another time
My friend.
Oh how I wish we could spend time together more than this.

Keep in mind though,
Whenever, wherever, whatever,
I'll pray for the best to be with you always.

This parted way that we take; somehow
I think will bring us closer.

And that other time...
Well, only He knows when.

:) Smiles always.

 In pic: lines from Jason Mraz's  You & I both.

Pic credit to Me!! I did that! :]


λ””μ•Όλ‚˜ said...


jony dep? and shinee love?

aha...some1 n somebadi impotant~

Mizah Adam said...

diyana-sshi: hey.. it's a random story lahh~ dah lama x tulis under this label.. hihi