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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Things have really gotten worse. One after another. And at this point, I REALLY feel like stepping back. Back out. From EVERYTHING.

I may be good at making decisions for my own sake. But if it involves others, hell, I am the world's most sucking decision-maker.

It's easy to understand that. I know what I want. Others? How the heck am I suppose to know what's good for them? A few month's knowing each other won't do to let me know EXACTLY what they feel or want. Even I sometimes struggle with my own kepalahotak to know EXACTLY what I want. Them?

And I'm not talking about decision for one or two peeps. This is about the whole colony. Aergh. Hello, like everyone said, I'm not matured enough to make such big decisions??? Don't tell me you're just saying it, literally. Come on, you mean it, right?? So when this situation arise, why did you put the decision making thing to me? Easier to blame someone else, is it? Is it?

Right now, right this very moment, I really wished plastic surgery is a lot more cheaper, painless, and halal. Hoh.

Good thing I'll probably have a big probability to not make any contact if I stay low. Low.

P/S: It's 10.10.10. And I'm thinking; if ever my brother's wedding is still on, will they still go on? Or will they not? If not, the situation would be just the same as now. So I guess, maybe that's just the way things are planned UP THERE. Right? No? So, is my decision correct for the time being?


The inside of my effing mind. Eff.


Eksotika Blogger said...

there's no need on the makin other ppl decision..their won't same as yours..

haha jgn harap nk dpt plastic surgery murah dan halal..kuang2

Mizah Adam said...

tp kalau dah mmg aku kene buat?? how? aish.

haha. mmg dlm mimpi jelah. kuang3..

adeqmanje said...

bersabarlah sayang..it's not dat easy 2 runaway, isn't it?u have to take ur own time n think..myb mslh ni yg akn wat ko lg matang dlm wat keputusan?who knows, aite?we'll be here 2 support u..always remember that..xoxo! :)

Mizah Adam said...

XOXO jugak!!