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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Me and blogging

There's something that you guys should know about my style of blogging... Because someone has started asking me why do I have less entries compared to those who are still new to this blogging activity...

Okay, well, I don't blog everyday like some serious blogger usually does. Because.. I'm not a serious blogger lah! This blog is just a place for me to write things up, seeing other people reactions towards what I write..

And usually I don't write about craps.. Craps for me is those little2 things that happen in your life..
Like having headache when waking up in the morning and then makan ubat sebotol blablabla.... No, I don't like to read those kind of stories, and so I won't let you guys read those kind of stories here.. If ada then please spank my head real hard.

Thus, I usually write about stuffs that are meaningful, gave quite a big effect in my life, my favourites (like my rubiks), my expressions towards people (with hope that they'll know, just like this one), and what I did in my life so that my friends can keep up with me.

So that's why la my blog entries are less than theirs.

Or its simply because I write when I feel like it. If I don't feel like writing, so I won't. Simple. So takdelah nnt kat blog byk membebel pasal boring2 bosan2 asyik2 bosan. Kalau bosan, go do something exciting, then benda yg exciting tu ko post kat blog. Okeh?

Oh2! Ni ada tips baik punya utk para blogger yg masih tak sedar pasal benda ni.

Before nak upload gamba, kecikkan la dulu size gamba tu.. Taklah aktiviti meng-upload ko jadi lembab and taklah nnt kat blog ko ada tersempal je gamba yg lg besar dr layout ko. And takdelah pengguna internet lembab mcm aku ni kena tggu like 6 jam baru boleh tgk gambar ko. Okay?


Lagi. I take seriously about people's comment, especially if its for their own good.. Like a friend of mine said she's going blind from reading my post on Synchro sbb panjang sgt and sbb I put in perenggan form. She said that I should do it in point form, like hers. I take a look at hers, and yeah, I'm not blind until today. Her blog was in point form but still people could understand the whole story. So yeah, it was pretty cool. I' trying my best to copy you, but I just couldnt, dunno why. I hope short paragraphs will do.. Sorry.

Next, I'm jealous of bloggers like wafupafu, because they have their own skill so that they can make their blog more interesting to read. Not just the present post, but all of their posts... Like I did. Wafupafu mmg sgt chomel, mmg rezeki dia ada skill yg begitu Tuhan bagi kat dia..

So, these are the things that you guys should know... Well, bagi mereka yg pernah wonder je la... Bagi mereka yg tak kesah langsung, takyah baca entri ni pon takpe, in fact, takyah baca blog ni pun takpe! heh...

All in all, it's still..

Blogging is subjective to everyone, so it's up to them how to manage their blog.. Like me.
So what do you care if total post aku sikit???

P/s: Ayat Afiq, It's still... aku pon tak paham.


Shopaholic said...

dah boley baca tanpa mata juling! yay!

Mizah Adam said...

hahahh~ Alhamdulillah.. Thanks Naddy!

adeqmanje said...

haha..sme je la mizah oi..point form ke, perenggan form ke, klu owg xde ati yg bc, xfhm gak..besela 2 kn..hurm..