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Saturday, 14 February 2009

There's a first time in everything

What we leart in that movie we watched before we went for KAKOM. One of the character said "there's a first time for everything". Rite. So this is my first time blogging. Sorry if its a little schematic. HEHEH.

So, my name spt yg tertera dlm IC is Siti Noor Hamizah Bt. Adam. And yes, I'm directly connected to Siti Hawa Noor Adam the blogger. You can check her blog out at akuamatsukakucing.blogspot.com.. As for this first entry I don't know what to say. OK. This is sooooo not me bcause most of the time I have really lots of things to say. I mean, like, I'm always the first person to break the ice if everyone doesn't know everyone yet. And I'm always the first person to laugh and the last to stop. (I'd vibrate if I can't LOL).

The name is laukcampur not because of I love to eat (ha! Mizah tipuuuu) -okayla, so I love to eat-, but because I will be blabbering about all sorts of things. About what I think of that shopaholic girl across my room, about Pesawat, about cats, about Miss Lyn or Miss Sally or Pn. Ainul (wah mereka famous instantly!!)(hahah), about the homosapiens of 6F40, about purple nokia, about hate, about chemistry, about the difference between being SeNGaL and purposely being SengaL, or about the kaki ayam Elyana, about all these sorts of stuff that pop out of my mind just soo suddenly.

First thing first, please don't hate me because its my first try!!!!

(*.*) setting muke chomel dgn mata berkilau2 mcm awek manga
taw. taw.

As for that, I insert a pic of myself.

Not so goofy la sbb nak kasi first impression yg hebat kat korang.

If and only if ada org nak baca laa.
yelah, blog kanak2 je nehh..

eh! itu pakwe baru. sori2. nihh.

mana ada suka makan?? itu slurpee je lah!! hahaks.

ape?? nak klosup lagi sbb x nmpk muke?



amek ko. huh. nak check out ada fog ke tak klua dr mulut, tp last2 nmpk mcm muke tgh lapar sgt4. hihi


Mizah Adam said...

oh aku tau ini sgt cliche. pabila tiada org mahu komen, tuannya komen sendri. ahaha.

sparkling_deepred said...

Sian, xde org komen. buat entry gempak2 xde org komen. haha. promote la sket kat facebook ke, friendster ke suh diorang dtg sini baca dan komen.